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CK East Construction Sdn Bhd is a construction company certified & licensed with CIDB G7, CIDB G5 and SPAN – Permit IPA Type C3. With over 15 years of experience covering main building works, infrastructure & earthworks and interior design, we have completed more than RM300 million worth of projects under our own group of companies and high profile clients including:


Main Building Works

  • Wide range of building works that meet health and safety, welfare, and sustainability standards

Infrastructure & Earthworks

  • Certified & licensed with CIDB G7, CIDB G5 and SPAN – Permit IPA Type C3

  • Completed works including site clearance & earthworks, road & drainage, water reticulation, culvert & sump, surface water drainage, construction railing, water distribution, retaining wall and reinforced concrete bridges

Interior Design

  • Contracted by developers to provide & build interior designs for show unit projects

  • Contracted by contractors to provide full renovation service on personal properties like bungalows to name a few