On May 21st, we hosted the highly anticipated buyer appreciation event at Rencana Royale Sales Gallery last week, as a response to the overwhelming support by CK East by Rencana Royale, Anjung Melati2, One East, and more. Guests enjoyed delicious Malay cuisine, participated in lucky draws for Raya hampers.

 The event was dedicated to expressing our gratitude to those who support Rencana Royale, Anjung Melati2, One East, and beyond. It was a chance to show our appreciation for their continuous support and fulfill their requests.


 Guests were treated to a mouthwatering feast of Malay cuisine, including kambing golek (roasted lamb), satay skewers, and refreshing cendol. The flavors delighted their taste buds and left them craving more.


 Excitement filled the air as guests eagerly participated in lucky draws for the chance to win exclusive Raya hampers. The carefully curated hampers were filled with festive goodies, creating a sense of anticipation and joy among the attendees.


 In honor of Mother’s Day, all attending mothers received beautiful flowers. It was a heartfelt gesture to acknowledge their unconditional love and support.

 Rencana Royale is ideally located, surrounded by seven highways, providing unparalleled convenience and accessibility. You were encouraged to visit our website to explore the limited units still available. www.rencanaroyale.my

 Rencana Royale Event was a memorable celebration of appreciation, featuring delicious Malay cuisine, exciting lucky draws for Raya hampers, and special flower gifts for Mother’s Day. We were thrilled to host this event and create lasting memories together with all of you, thanks for all who attend this event.