19th June 2022, Sunday – Father never says what he wants directly to you but CK East team takes this chance to give flowers to celebrate all the amazing fathers that are struggling with expressing their love language. 

Two hundred flowers were successfully distributed to the public including the fathers. We even give the flowers to the sons, daughters and mothers for them to give to their husbands and dads. After giving a full  thought, the CK East team decided to choose red roses that symbolize love and passion towards someone that they treasured the most. 

The event that took place in The Starling Mall starts at 10 in the morning where we invited the passerby to come have a look at our project One East that starts from RM700K whilst Rencana Royale starts from RM399K. 

The Starling Mall in Petaling Jaya is connected with the LDP Highway and just 15 minutes away from Rencana Royale that can be easily accessed with the Sprint Highway. With all these easy access to the 7 major highways, you can commute to Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur within just a short time. We are very pleased to celebrate Father’s Day with the passerby in the Starling Mall. Some of them are interested to know more about both of our current projects.