The conclusion of an incredible journey is announced by CK East Group with the successful sale of the last unit at Anjung Melati 2.

We had the honor of giving the keys to a beautiful family on June 10, 2023, who will now reside in Anjung Melati 2. It is the culmination of our efforts, devotion, and dedication to providing outstanding properties to our esteemed clientele, making it a momentous occasion for us.


Anjung Melati 2 is a great project for us, with 29 exquisite units created to offer luxury, comfort, and a peaceful living environment. We are incredibly pleased with the excellent craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail used in the building of these homes.

Anjung Melati 2 is unique in that every home is painted in a brilliant rainbow of hues, allowing our customers and potential homeowners to select the shade they like. The extraordinary design layout of these houses goes much beyond that of a typical terraced house, is what really distinguishes them. They stand out by a few features often found in bungalow homes. For instance, a powder room for guests, and on the second family floor, there is a balcony that is ideal for hosting events, open houses, and celebrations since it offers lots of room to make priceless memories and amazing moments which our buyers clearly liked and found unique.

The completion of Anjung Melati 2 and the sale of its final unit brings a sense of completion, satisfaction and happiness! This achievement underscores how CK East is able to create a remarkable home, a thriving neighbourhood and a close-knit community. 

As we commemorate this accomplishment, we would like to sincerely thank our hard-working team of architects, engineers, contractors, and everyone else who helped make Anjung Melati 2 a reality. Our ability to execute an amazing project is due to their persistent dedication to excellence and ceaseless efforts.

We at the CK East Group are dedicated to consistently pursuing excellence and producing extraordinary living places that go above and beyond. We are constantly looking for intriguing new projects to offer to you, our valued homeowners and investors. Rest assured that our staff is hard at work on new projects that will accommodate a variety of tastes and lifestyles. 

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