CK East Group is a multi-award winning integrated property development & construction group.

“Imagine you got your keys and stepped in to your house for the first time, every square inch of your house is never wasted and built in perfect sense. The build and finishing quality screams perfection. The location feels so homely and so right that the journey feels like a breeze. It is the best place you will ever wanted to stay and worth every dollar you spent. We build the perfect house that defines you.” – Ng Chong Kiat, Managing Director of CK East Groups.

Synonymous with our slogan ‘perfecting our lives’; beginning as a construction company, it is in our veins to feel and understand what exactly an owner needs to derive from a perfect living. From the moment we first select the piece of land, laying on the groundwork, sourcing and placing the materials until the final finishing, we want you to stay and work at somewhere that brings your life to the next level.

Focus on your dreams and aspirations to perfect your life. Let us build the perfect living for you.


CK East humbly began as a construction company with its first major project involving earthworks and infrastructure development for condominiums in the Setapak suburb of Kuala Lumpur. The project is completed successfully in just under 15 months.

Our hard work, perseverance and your continued support elevated us to be a multi-award winning, integrated developer cum construction company. Having completed over 40 projects including those from high profile clients, we shall continue to strive for perfection in every aspect of what we do.

The capability of our organization to emphasize on a finer level of detail on a micro-level as evidenced by our various completion of interior design projects despite also being a construction company places us in a unique position of being an all-level builder for most if not all types of residential & commercial projects.


To attain perfection in every step towards the creation of an ideal working & living place for every customer imaginable.


To be the most sought-after group that creates properties every owner can be proud of for its uniqueness, versatility, best quality with the best value for money.

CK East Group Services

CK East Group Services


CK East had its early beginnings as CK East Enterprise in 2003. After restructuring, the company re-emerged as CK East Construction Sdn Bhd with the expansion of its business operations into construction-related projects.


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