CK East Group gave out 300 pieces free ang pao at Tropicana Garden Mall!

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Are you ready for Chinese New Year 2023? CK East Group is! With Chinese New Year 2023 just 2 months away, CK East Group has been preparing for 2023 ang pao and getting ready to celebrate. They gave out 300 pieces of their limited edition angpao to the passerby at our Roadshow of Rencana Royale

Get Free 10 Home Appliances with Rencana Royale

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Rencana Royale offers Free 10 Home Appliances worth up to RM 8,000.00 when you buy 1 unit from them! Not just that, now you can get 1 free studio unit if you buy the Sky Bungalow from Rencana Royale! Customers will be able to get the other attractive packages from Rencana Royale. The promotion starts

Successfully Ended Anjung Melati Dua Photo Contest at Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2022

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The Anjung Melati Dua photo contest has successfully ended. With more than 50 entries received, the contest was a great success. The contest was held at Anjung Melati Dua on the 31st August, which was also a meaningful National Day celebration day. All photographs were taken with our Rainbow theme houses with beautiful captions by

2022 Train The Master Trainer Private Gathering held at Rencana Royale Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

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Dato Dr Lawrence Walter Ng, the founder of LWS, Asia top trainer has held a Grand Gathering for all the Master Trainers in 2022. The event will be held at the Rencana Royale Sales Gallery in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. The Hidden Gem in Taman Tun Dr Ismail In the heart of Taman

6th Sept 2022-Should I buy a house NOW or wait until 2023?

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According to FreeMalaysiaToday, The Real Estate and Housing Developer’s Association (REHDA), the interest rate will be increased again and suggested that people buy before it rises further. The president of REHDA said “Interest rates are increasing globally and locally. As for now, people should buy property to help hedge against it and look long term,”

2nd Sept 2022-The 3-3-5 Rule: How To Invest Your Property in the Right Way

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For the beginner investors out there, the 3-3-5 rule is a basic calculating guideline for you. Buying a property is a big decision and you, yourself will think about it for a long time with so much consideration.  So what is the correct way to calculate how much you should spend in your property investment?

29th August 2022-How To Secure Your Money with Property Investment?

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  Shylendra Nathan, a country manager of Malaysia PropertyGuru stated that more Malaysians are turning to the housing market as a more attractive investment option.  There are at least 3 things you should consider before investing in property. Investing is a big deal and you have to think over and over again if the property

5th August 2022-Handing Over Key to Their Dream Home at Anjung Melati 2, Gombak.

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5th August 2022, Friday - On last Friday, we handed over the keys to our first customer of Anjung Melati 2 at Gombak! The ceremony started at 9 am where they were getting a short brief from our Project Manager about the safety house and were given a handbook. The keys were handed over in

31st July 2022-Meet our Mascot Giving Free Watermelon Juice at The Curve Mall & The Starling Mall!

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31st July 2022, Sunday - The weather is getting hotter each day and sometimes it is raining all day. CK East team giving some thought to help cool down for you! On 14th July to 16th July, CK East team brought along our mascot at our roadshow to showcase both our  project, Rencana Royale and

23rd June 2022-One East Private Dinner Night with Three Courses Meal at TTDI Sales Gallery

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23rd June 2022, Thursday -  To appreciate the guests, we invited them to come over to have dinner with us at the Sales Gallery and have a quick presentation to give them the idea of what One East project is about.  Our initiative to feel much closer and connected with the guests by having Chef

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