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23rd June 2022-One East Private Dinner Night with Three Courses Meal at TTDI Sales Gallery

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23rd June 2022, Thursday -  To appreciate the guests, we invited them to come over to have dinner with us at the Sales Gallery and have a quick presentation to give them the idea of what One East project is about.  Our initiative to feel much closer and connected with the guests by having Chef

25th June 2022-All You Can Eat Durian at Rencana Royale Sales Gallery, TTDI

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25th June 2022, Saturday - The King of the fruit season has come again in the middle of the year until July! The strong and sweet smell of Durian has come all over the corner. CK East team decided to share the season with the public by inviting them for our Durian Fiesta on the

19th June 2022-Handing Over Flowers to all the Amazing Fathers in Celebration of Father’s Day!

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19th June 2022, Sunday - Father never says what he wants directly to you but CK East team takes this chance to give flowers to celebrate all the amazing fathers that are struggling with expressing their love language.  Two hundred flowers were successfully distributed to the public including the fathers. We even give the flowers

14th June 2022 – KOPAMA Gathering for Financial Talk with Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia

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14th June 2022, Tuesday - KOPAMA collaborated again with the Minda Muhibah in another gathering for financial talk at Rencana Royale Sales Gallery. We are very delighted to have all the important Cooperative members gathered together.  Dato’ Fattah from Angkasa who is the second time attending our event, gets a chance to inaugurate the occasion.

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