14th June 2022, Tuesday – KOPAMA collaborated again with the Minda Muhibah in another gathering for financial talk at Rencana Royale Sales Gallery. We are very delighted to have all the important Cooperative members gathered together. 

Dato’ Fattah from Angkasa who is the second time attending our event, gets a chance to inaugurate the occasion. Almost 40 members came for the presentation about Rencana Royale and financial talk with the SKM. 

The initiative of this collaboration is to assist and share our knowledge about the project of CK East. With help from Datuk Rahim, we managed to give a glimpse of what Rencana Royale is to the other members. Most of them are interested in investing because of the strategic location that is located near to 7 highways and 8 malls for easy access. Moreover, with a facility that CK East provides of a spacious working space idea, attracts them more to know about  this project. 

With a high guaranteed return from only RM399K and Free SPA Legal Fee, you can own it for as low as RM500.