23rd June 2022, Thursday –  To appreciate the guests, we invited them to come over to have dinner with us at the Sales Gallery and have a quick presentation to give them the idea of what One East project is about. 

Our initiative to feel much closer and connected with the guests by having Chef Kelvin  from Le Taste Private Dining to cook the three course meal for the guests. While having them cook, we continue our presentation and serve them with fresh fruit juice and refreshing coffee for those that prefer something strong. 

The guests were first served an appetizer, Vichyssoise Soup. We succeeded to continue the presentation of One East about the concept of a HOME we typically dream of. With only 65 residential homes, it is located in Kayu Ara that is near to public transport, MRT. 

After the first session ended, we served the guests two choices of main course, Dry Aged Barramundi or Honey BBQ Chicken. The presentation continued as they were served with their dinner. The guests were quite convinced with the idea of the private swimming pools in their own house that they could own. With this nice concept, some of the guests are interested in it. 

The event ended with the last course, Dark Chocolate Mousse as the dessert. We are very pleased to have a chance to serve the guests the three course meals that were cooked by Chef Kelvin himself at the event. We hope to have more private events like this in the future!