For the beginner investors out there, the 3-3-5 rule is a basic calculating guideline for you. Buying a property is a big decision and you, yourself will think about it for a long time with so much consideration. 

So what is the correct way to calculate how much you should spend in your property investment? The 3-3-5 rule basically guides you before you start your investment on property that is within your reach and that is suitable with your current and also future income. 

  • 3 – You should prepare 30% of the property’s price that you’re interested in. This 30% will go to the downpayment and miscellaneous fees that also covered stamp duty and legal costs. 
  • 3 – The monthly financing shouldn’t be more than your ⅓ monthly income. 
  • 5 – NEVER  buy a property that is five times your annual income. Know your limit. 

Rencana Royale fortunately offers low downpayment with free legal duty stamps with conditions. This has saved up your 30% funds that supposedly you spent on miscellaneous fees for your preferable unit. The 3-3-5 rule still can be used as your 30% funds can be spend for your house spending (ie; your new furniture and some move in cost)