18th March 2022 (Friday) – A Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) was conducted by CK East team at Pusat Jagaan Kasih Harapan that is just not far away from our project Rencana Royale, in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Pusat Jagaan Kasih Harapan that is located in Kota Damansara is an orphanage care centre. This wasn’t the first time the team did a CSR charity program. Way before MCO started, the team invited the children to come to the Rencana Royale Gallery for a Kids Day event and also brought them to Zoo Negara to spend a great time.

Our initiative was to distribute toys & donations  to the 18 children that were under the good care of Puan Rosiah and Tuan Adam. The children were full of beans when we gave out the toys and when they received a Raya packet from our team. 

It was a very memorable moment to spend some time with these lovely children. We are very pleased to get the chance to meet them. The distance between TTDI and Kota Damansara is just 14 minutes away, using the Penchala Link highway that is near to our project, Rencana Royale.