24th May 2022, Tuesday – Taking care and sharing the love to the kids at orphanage houses has been one of our responsibilities as adults. The CK East team visited Pusat Jagaan Telaga Kasih Nur Muhammad that is located in Kota Damansara by delivering them by hand ourselves few toys for the kids. 

The orphanage house is just 15 minutes away from Rencana Royale Sales Gallery. Last few years we met with Puan Rohana, one of the teachers in the orphanage center, and did a CSR programme by bringing the kids to the Zoo Negara along with others. 

The initiative of this programme is to share our love with the kids by giving extra toys and clothes for them. To add, May was Aidilfitri month so CK East team took the opportunity to give out Raya packets for them. They were very happy and up in the sky when they received all the toys. 

We are hoping to meet the girls and other boys too if we ever have the chance again. It was a great pleasure to spend some time with these kids. We reached the orphanage center by using the LDP highway that is easy to access from Rencana Royale Sales Gallery.