Shylendra Nathan, a country manager of Malaysia PropertyGuru stated that more Malaysians are turning to the housing market as a more attractive investment option. 

There are at least 3 things you should consider before investing in property. Investing is a big deal and you have to think over and over again if the property is a right choice for you or not. 

One , you should consider a low interest environment. For the first time home buyers, you could almost get a 90% loan margin and that is a good start for the younger generation as you have years ahead of them in the job market.

Second, a long term growth from a mature neighbourhood. In other means, considering a great location is quite important. Taman Tun Dr Ismail has almost every amenities they have. Rencana Royale that is located next to SPRINT and Penchala Link can be accessed with other 6 major highways. This could have a potential value growth. 

Third, you could cover yourself during the inflation. FMT mentioned that if you buy a well developed property in a good location, this could offer you a hedge against inflation. With a strategic location, one could rent the house to nearby workers that are looking for a stay near their office. Rencana Royale is located nicely near to the business district and only took 10 minutes away on a drive. 

Well, if you choose not to occupy the property yourself, you could rent it to other people and it can become your side income!