The One East x Thermomix Event was a celebration of this groundbreaking collaboration. The event showcased how both perfectly complement each other, offering a lifestyle that’s both opulent and technologically advanced.

One East’s commitment to innovation shines through in their smart home concept. At the heart of this concept is a community app that connects residents to a range of services and amenities. Whether it’s booking facilities, communicating with neighbours, or accessing the latest updates, the app ensures residents are always informed and connected.

Face Recognition Features

One East understands the importance of security and convenience. That’s why they’ve incorporated cutting edge face recognition technology into their smart home systems. Residents can enjoy effortless entry into their private spaces, enhancing security while eliminating the need for physical keys or access cards.

Effortless Parking with LPR Technology

Parking headaches become a thing of the past at One East. License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology ensures smooth, automated entry and exit from the premises. No more fumbling for parking permits or waiting in long queues.

Wake up to the view of your Sports Car!

Picture waking up to the sight of your cherished sports car right from your window. At One East, they’ve made this dream a reality, adding an extra touch of luxury to your mornings.

Private Swimming Pool Extra Long

The indulgence continues with an extra-long private swimming pool. Dive into a world of relaxation and recreation, right in the comfort of your residence.

Low-Density Luxury Condominium

One East sets itself apart with an extraordinary low-density luxury condominium. Enjoy the added height of the ceilings that is 7.35m in height and spaciousness, providing breathtaking views and an unmatched sense of exclusivity.

Private Lift Lobbies

Elevate your living experience with private lift lobbies. One East offers the luxury of direct access to your residence, ensuring privacy and exclusivity at every turn. Step out of the elevator and into your home, uninterrupted.

Contemporary Private Storage Units

Storage is reimagined at One East. Contemporary private storage units provide ample space for your belongings, neatly tucked away and easily accessible. This thoughtful addition ensures that your living space remains clutter-free and organised.

One East’s dedication to smart living and luxury is truly one-of-a-kind. This exceptional partnership with Thermomix exemplifies their commitment to enhancing residents’ lives through technology and convenience. The One East x Thermomix – where innovation and opulence seamlessly coexist, enriching the lives of those fortunate enough to call One East home.