Look at all these wonderful creations! The colouring contest event aimed to showcase the artistic talents of the little ones and encourage them to explore their creative sides. The coloring contest welcomed talented artists between the ages of 4 to 6 years old (Category A) and 7 to 12 years old (Category B) to showcase their skills.

Participants embarked on a wonderful coloring adventure with the chance to win amazing prizes! The winners in Category A and B were thrilled to receive a generous cash reward of RM 150 for the first-place winners, while second-place winners were awarded RM 100, and third-place winners received RM 80. Consolation awards of RM 30 were also presented to five lucky participants, ensuring that everyone felt acknowledged. Additionally, distinguished trophies, certificates of achievement, and unique vouchers brightened their day!

This spectacular coloring contest stood out as an exceptional and unique experience, in line with the vision of CK East Group. Children were invited to unleash their creative and artistic abilities by coloring their very own cardboard house, deviating from the traditional use of paper as the canvas. It provided a unique opportunity for creativity.

Speaking of uniqueness and excellence, Rencana Royale had already earned an impressive reputation, having previously won three esteemed awards, including the Best Hybrid Development Award, Best Commercial Development, and being recognized as a GreenRe certified project.

In addition to the main coloring event, the participants enjoyed various other exciting activities throughout the day. A delightful clown performed impressive balloon tricks, while an adorable mascot entertained and greeted the little ones for memorable family photo sessions. Attendees were treated to a delicious morning breakfast, a lunch buffet for the parents, and energizing kid-friendly meals, ensuring everyone had a happy and satisfied tummy. Furthermore, the kids had the opportunity to engage in entertaining sand art activities.

It was a highly anticipated event, and CK East, the organiser, were thrilled to see all the guests and their little ones at Rencana Royale Sales Gallery.

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