CK East Group had a momentous and prosperous occasion on August 5th, as we partook in the Na Tu Kong Prayers at One East @ Petaling Jaya, thereby creating an indelible mark in their history.

In South East Asia, it is a common practice for the Chinese community to pay homage to Na Tu Kong, who are revered as the local guardians. This religious tradition involves the offering of a wide array of tropical fruits, as well as delectable sweet and savoury treats like oranges, bananas, pineapples, pulut kuning, and noodles.

The members of CK East engaged in their customary Chinese tradition of offering prayers, accompanied by the burning of fragrant incense sticks. Through this sacred ritual, they fervently sought the protection of the divine forces, for the safeguarding, prosperity, and sound well-being of our customers and residents of One East. 

Additionally, the act of burning prayer papers as a part of the prayers, is seen as a spiritual means of communication, carrying heartfelt messages, heartfelt requests, and fervent wishes to the divine realm, serving as a symbolic release of burdens and negative energies, as a transformative process, purifying and cleansing the surroundings, both physically and spiritually, thereby inviting blessings and good fortune into our lives.

We came together as a family to partake in a day of Na Tu Kong prayers, driven by our shared understanding of the importance of unity. Our intention was to experience firsthand the profound unifying effect that spirituality can have on a community, as well as to observe the immense impact that Na Tu Kong Prayers hold on One East.

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