The specialty of One East left them mind blown. 30 professional real estate agents that sold over 100 properties see the potential that One East holds, as a strong competitor to become one of the best developments in the entire region.

The Extra Long 30ft Private Pool

One unique feature of One East is its ability to offer six different layouts within a single condominium. With a remarkable private swimming pools, extra long 30 ft which 

Only 9 units come with indoor and outdoor pools, also wading pools in your units!

The 7.35 Meter Floor Height

The living room, inspired by the Balinese concept, offers a truly unique experience with a private pool that is extra large which is 30ft right in the midst of it, allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view that stretches out before you. The generously high ceilings, ranging from 3.3m to an impressive 7.35m, not only fill the space with an abundance of natural light but also create an atmosphere of utmost luxury and grandeur.

Wake up to the view of your sport car

Wake up to the view of your sports car elegantly parked at your double story signature home that comes with indoor parking for your cars.

Renovations have never been easier!

One of the most incredible aspects of One East is that by the time you receive the keys to your new home, all the necessary renovations have been taken care of. 

So, when the day finally arrives, all you need to do is simply move into your new home with your furniture, without any worries or hassles. Your future self would thank you for buying a unit now!

Winnie Wong, the esteemed chairman of the SIR Property Investment group, expressed her awe and admiration for One East @ Petaling Jaya, stating that the project truly left a lasting impression on her. To quote her exact words: “This project is really impressive, I’ve been in the property market for 7 years, this project gives me a lot of WOW.”

You could also be WOWed!

At Genting Highlands at our property exhibition at Sky Avenue from 23rd August to 27 August, 10AM – 10PM. 

Special promotion is available at limited units only. Get your units now before they sell out! 

Take a quick vacation to genting and meet us there! Hope to see you soon! 

For more information, please visit or whatsapp to 0162018035 (Serena Ooi)!